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I started Regulation D Resources in 1999 with the intention of creating the industry’s foremost firm specializing in the formation of Regulation D exempt securities offerings. My mission was simple – democratize access to securities offering programs and Securities and Exchange Commission filing services so small and medium size businesses could more effectively raise investor funding and stay in compliance with SEC filing and regulatory guidelines.

Over the years the company grew to become an industry leader in Regulation D offering preparation services with over 5,500 clients serviced to date. As the company expanded we sought to push for changes in the regulations to allow general solicitation options for issuers so they could use social media and general advertising to raise capital. This advocacy helped result in the creation of the JOBS Act in 2012 and the creation of Regulation D 506(c), Regulation CF Crowdfunding, and the enhancements to the old Regulation A program to become Regulation A+.

Along the way, Regulation D Resources has expanded to meet the changing needs of clients and maximize the benefit of the new programs. In 2015 we launched one of the first investor web portal software systems which revolutionized the ability to manage a securities offering, track people through the investment process, and then manage them with class leading investor relations tools. Our Regulation A+ and Regulation CF services provide clients the ability to execute sophisticated securities offerings that can be generally solicited to the public and accommodate accredited and non-accredited investors.

The company currently boasts the only vertically integrated software and SEC offering preparation solution in the US – all under one roof and all internally managed by experienced and expert staff.

I am proud to see where this company is currently positioned. Nothing brings more satisfaction than helping small and medium size businesses with the ability to “capitalize their vision”. As we head into the future of fund raising, a future that will continually have more efficient and effective programs and technology, we will remain a leader in the offering preparation and investor web portal technology business.

Douglas Ruark

Doug Ruark

"Regulation D Resources takes the guesswork out of developing compliance documentation. The knowledge of the Company’s staff regarding the ever changing Regulation D laws is impressive. We appreciate the accessibility of the entire Regulation D Resources team. The high quality of the investor website portals developed for Cardone Acquisitions along with high quality PPM materials makes Regulation D Resources the best in the business."

Ryan Tseko, Investor Relations, Cardone Acquisitions

Regulation D Resources (“RDR”) was formed in 1999 to provide Private Placement Offering preparation, SEC Filing preparation, and offering execution support services to entrepreneurs and growing private companies.

Headquartered in Lakewood, Colorado, RDR is one of the leading Regulation D, Regulation CF and Regulation A+ SEC filing service providers in the United States with a comprehensive matrix of services that spans transaction structuring, offering preparation, quarterbacking the offering preparation process, assistance with SEC and State securities filings, and access to the capital markets through RDR’s broker-dealer relationships and FINRA broker-dealer resources.

Since 1999, RDR has assisted in the preparation of over 5,500 private placement offerings. The foundation of our company and services is predicated on one simple mission statement:

RDR has also been active in lobbying for changes in SEC regulations to enable issuers to execute offerings more effectively. Starting in 2002, RDR began lobbying for changes to the general solicitation statutes to allow issuers to engage in open solicitation of a Regulation D offering. The resulting 506(c) exemption created under the JOBS Act of 2012 was very similar to proposed changes RDR supported ten years earlier. RDR was also very supportive of the changes to the Regulation A program and the creation of the vastly improved and streamlined Regulation A+ Tier 1 and Tier 2 programs.

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Regulation D Resources is the leader in providing Regulation D, Regulation CF and Regulation A+ Offering Preparation and Execution Services. Some of our company highlights and competitive advantages include: